Easy vegan banana bread.⠀

  We all get a sweet craving from time to time. I myself, have a sweet tooth big time so I at least try to stick to healthier treat options. I found this recipe on my favorite Yoga instructor’s Youtube channel ( Gosia Mostowska is Polish and so the video is in Polish). I was very skeptical about this vegan recipe, but I’ve tried it and damn, this banana bread is yum and then some! What you get is a … Read More

What to consider while choosing a childcare.

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 Whether you carried your baby under your heart or went through adoption – your little bundle of joy is finally here, and you couldn’t be happier. That is until you realize that in a few short weeks you will have to go back to work. Sadly, the US is one of the very few developed countries that does not offer paid parental leave. As a human, as a woman and as a business owner of a company that provides childcare … Read More