1. How does Project Date Night Work?
We strive to be a “hands-on” and “meet first” childcare referral company. That is why whenever possible we meet with new families in person before the first booking. Exceptions to that rule are last-minute booking requests. We are a membership-based company; each babysitting request requires an active membership which allows our families access to our request form and calendar with available babysitters.

2. How can I become a member?
PDN memberships are available through referrals. If you know one of our families with membership or one of our babysitters, please send us an email with your information and tell us who has referred you to us. We will contact you shortly! If that is not the case – please EMAIL US with your information. We will contact you shortly to set up an in-person meeting. 

3. I’m not a member – how do I book a sitter?
If you need someone ASAP – CALL US!
Otherwise, please EMAIL US  with your babysitting request, your information, and if possible, the information of the person who has referred you to us. We will contact you shortly!

4. How do I cancel my booking with Project Date Night?
All cancelations must be made over the phone, preferably via text. There is no fee when canceling ahead of time, with at least 24h notice. Cancellations with less than 24h notice will be billed our four-hour minimum. 

5. Can I cancel my membership?
Memberships are non-refundable but can be canceled or paused at any time.

6. Can I interview the PDN sitter before I book?
Every babysitter at Project Date Night goes through a multi-step interview process which includes a detailed online application and a series of in-person and phone interviews as well as a reference check. Sitters that join our team must go through the entire interview process with positive results. Every team member is also trained by us on a regular basis. 

7. Do I have to pay for a membership to book a babysitter with Project Date Night?
Yes, we are a subscription-based company. Becoming a member gives our families 24/7 access to our available babysitters; 

8. Can I schedule a babysitter to watch my child while I’m (working) at home?
Ideally, the parents/guardians will not be in the residence at the time of service as that makes the transition for the children and the sitter less stressful. As COVID upended our lives and a lot more parents work from home, we understand that this will not always be possible. We will do whatever will be necessary to make each scenario work for children in our care as well as their parents/guardians that are present at the residence. As long as weather permits – our sitters can stay with your little ones outdoors. 

9. Can I schedule a babysitter to watch my child while I’m away on a trip?
Yes – we can make arrangements to stay with your child while you are away on a trip.  Whether it’s for domestic or international travel. We require parents who want to leave children in our care while they are traveling, to provide us with the following:
– notice of a minimum of one week of international and three days of domestic travel;
– an updated list of local emergency contacts that are allowed to care for and make medical decisions regarding your child; If there is no one – we need notarized permission that will allow us to make those decisions in case of emergency when parents are unreachable;
– information on how we can reach you at your travel destination in case we can’t contact you by your cellphone alone ( for example – if we have to reach you while you are at your workplace, wedding reception or ho
tel, etc.);

– the exact information of your child’s schedule for the time you are away, including meal plan and $ for food shopping/activities if necessary;
– the essential school information including access to the school’s communication system; the sitter should also be listed at school as an emergency contact for when parents are traveling;

10. My child is sick, can I still get a babysitter?
Project Date Night strives to accept 100% of booking requests we receive as we do not like saying NO to our families. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to say NO for safety reasons (yours as well as our babysitters). We cannot accept a booking if your child is contagious. We cannot risk our babysitters getting sick or spreading illness to other families in our network. The safety of numerous families we work with on a daily basis as well as our own safety and our families at home – is of tremendous importance to us.

To be more specific:

YES – we will accept your booking
– ear infection
– fever
– a runny nose
– allergies
– bronchitis
– strep throat – only if your child already started antibiotics

NO – we will not accept your booking
stomach bug 
– pink eye
– virus Coxsackie ( Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease)
– flu
– any other illness that can be easily spread