We are a network of experienced nannies and babysitters that work with families in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.
Life can be unpredictable.When things get crazy and you need an extra pair of hands, Project Date Night is here to make your life easier.
We also specialize
in providing
the utmost reliable,  
last minute childcare.
We can cover bookings
with only three hours
of advanced notice.
Whatever your childcare needs might be
- whether it's a date night, few hours here and there or more consistent help,
we are happy to work with you and rest assured, we will make it happen.


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If you are an expecting or new parent, you most likely have repeatedly asked yourself that question. The idea of leaving your child with a stranger can be very scary. Finding the right childcare is a complicated and often stressful process. Project Date Night is happy to provide answers. Inquire to schedule a meeting with us – we will answer any questions and cover topics like nanny interview, choosing a daycare, or