As a safety precaution, Project Date Night only works with parents who are fully COVID vaccinated
and whose children’s age-appropriate vaccinations are up to date. Please let us know if your child
is not vaccinated – whether due to medical reasons or age restrictions – so we can make sure we can accommodate your needs in the safest manner.


We require every childcare request to be submitted via our online booking form.

All cancelations must be submitted during our office hours. There is no fee when canceling ahead of time, with at least 24h notice. Cancellations with less than 24h notice will be billed our four-hour minimum, with the hourly rate equal to the canceled request. 


Our minimum hourly requirement is 4h. Requests shorter than 4h will be charged our required 4h minimum.

For every hourly rate below, we charge + $2/h for each additional child – unless specified otherwise. 

1. last-minute request rates
– requests submitted the day before and/or on the day off, 
– requests submitted on Saturday after 2pm and on Sunday for weekend coverage, Monday and Tuesday

  • weekday rate: $30/h 
  • weekend rate: $32/h

1a. last-minute nanny-share rates

  • weekdays: $17/h
  • weekends: $19/h

The exact hourly rate depends on the exact number of children and families. The number of children is capped at 4 per sitter.

Please note that last-minute requests will be charged our 4h minimum if canceled.  

2. regular babysitting rates

  • weekdays:  $23/h 
  • weekends:  $26/h 

2a. nanny-share rates

  • weekdays: $15/h
  • weekends: $17/h 

The exact hourly rate depends on the exact number of children and families. The number of children is capped at 4 per sitter.

3. Additional babysitting rates:

  • overnight – $300/night ( up to 12h)
  • 24h coverage $400/24hwhenever children are in our care over an entire weekend or a few consecutive days or while the babysitter travels with family;
  • holiday rate $35/h – with 5h minimum requirement, includes New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day(after 5pm), Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day; 
  • New Year’s Eve – $300 with coverage from 7:00pm until 2:00am. Every additional hour is $35/h. The charge does not include a car ride home for a sitter afterward. 

Our BABYSITTERS are paid directly by families via Venmo at the end of the babysitting job. You will receive a Venmo request from your sitter after the booking. For requests ending late at night – Venmo requests will be sent the following morning.
We kindly ask our families to Venmo the money owed for babysitting as person-to-person transfers, not payments for goods or services. (Goods and services option has a fee that substructs from the original amount. This means sitters get paid less. The fees charged by Venmo are for delivering the money – it’s not a tax. You can check here for more information.)


All membership options are paid directly to Project Date Night by credit card via the Stripe platform. Transactions are final and not refundable. Any active subscription listed below will allows families to access our online childcare request form. 

It’s non-refundable but can be paused or canceled at any time. 

It’s non-refundable but can be paused or canceled at any time. 

It is a non-recurring, one-time membership, which provides families with access to our website, and allows families to send us a one-time childcare request.


All below options are covered either under our pay-per-booking or unlimited subscription options. 

We know how tough it is to find someone at the last minute. We are here to provide you with trustworthy and reliable help when it is most needed.

Whenever you’d like to plan a date night, attend a yoga class, or just need a few hours to run your errands – we are here to help you make that happen.

Option designed for more than one family, with a required minimum of two kids and a maximum of four kids per babysitter (if the group has two or more children under 1y – max of two kids per sitter). Whether you are meeting another mom for coffee or need to schedule a work meeting with your team – your kids can play together safely under the care of our sitter. Both families need active subscriptions, and information for both families will need to be submitted via our online request form. 

The sitter’s rate is $300/overnight (no more than 12h). 

Whenever a babysitter’s help is needed at kids’ birthday parties, weddings, or holiday parties. The number of needed babysitters and their hourly rate will be determined depending on the number of kids and the required time.

The provided babysitter will take care of the child(ren) 24h/a day – until the parents return from their travels. This is a great option for parents that would like to attend a destination wedding that does not allow children or to plan a weekend getaway without their little ones, or any family in need of 24h/day, continuous childcare on a few consecutive days. The sitter’s rate is $400 per 24h shift.

We will require parents to provide us with the following:

  • notice of a minimum of one week of international and three days of domestic travel;
  • an updated list of local emergency contacts that are allowed to care for and make medical decisions regarding the child; If there is no one – we need notarized permission that will allow us to make those decisions in case of emergency when parents are unreachable;
  • information as to how we can reach you at your travel destination in case we can’t contact you by your cellphone alone ( for example – if we have to reach you while you are at your workplace, wedding reception or hotel, etc.);
  • the exact information of your child’s schedule for the time you are away, including meal plan and $ for food shopping/activities if necessary;
  • the essential school information, including access to the school’s communication system; the sitter should also be listed at school as an emergency contact for when parents are traveling;

Option for families that prefer to travel with a babysitter – dependent on the sitters’ availability. The family will cover the cost of travel, lodging, and food; The babysitter’s rate will be determined after the initial request and will depend on travel time and location


Cab and car service 
We ask our families to cover the car service charge after 9 pm so that our sitters can get home safe and sound. We strongly suggest ordering the car ahead of time to avoid price surges – especially on bad weather days. Please share the ride information with your sitter – either via screen shot or link from your car service app.  

As of October 2021, every childcare provider currently working with us is fully COVID vaccinated. The safety of your children, as well as our babysitters, is of the utmost importance to us. It goes without saying that we will take all the necessary precautions due to COVID-19 to keep everyone safe. This includes but is not limited to COVID vaccinations, testing, wearing masks indoors when needed, temperature taking, hand washing, and hand sanitizing. We strongly recommend that each home has available for our sitters’ to use hand soap, antibacterial sanitizer, and disinfectant spray.