A brief history of Project Date Night

My name is Dana, and I’m the founder and creator of Project Date Night.
Working for over a decade as a childcare provider has given me the most important insight that helped me create my company – a great understanding of what is the most important to families and caregivers alike.

Through ou the years working as a full-time nanny and a babysitter I often found myself having a conversation that would follow  along those lines (happening early morning):

A: “Hi, Dana. It’s Mrs. A.
I need a sitter ASAP. My nanny just called in sick. Can you babysit for us?”

D: “I’m sorry, I can’t babysit today but I might be able to send over one of my (nanny) friends – if that is ok with you.”

I would then try to find as quickly as possible a fellow sitter that would available on short notice. Sometimes this has worked, and sometimes I had no luck.
I needed a solution that would let me keep other sitters schedules organized and easily accessible.

From the simple idea of setting up an accessible calendar, came the bigger idea of creating a website and starting a business. A few months later Project Date Night was born.

What we offer is a safety net of reliable and trustworthy caregivers that can provide the best possible care for your child and a peace of mind for you.
Whatever your childcare needs are – a date night, few hours here and there or full-time nanny position – we are here to help and assist you every step of the way to find the best match for your family.