Chickpea fries

  Great material for fries is not only potatoes, pumpkin, or celery, but also chickpeas. More specifically – chickpea flour. Prepare a batch of chickpea fries for your small ones!

Spinach muffins

  Not sure what to cook for your infant? This recipe could become your baby's favorite meal – age appropriate from 6 months. Delicious, healthy, and very easy to make!

Nourishing mac ‘n’ cheese

  What kid doesn't love macaroni and cheese? How about smuggling vegetables into their favorite dinner? The dish will become more nutritious with the addition of squash, leek, and peas. The best part is that it will be just as good or maybe even better!

Tortellini soup

    Another tour of the flavors of the world! This time take the family to Italy! We, too can't believe that this delicious soup can be made in 35 minutes!

Sweet potato chicken nuggets

  Are you coming back from work and don't know what to prepare for dinner? We have a healthy and easy recipe for you! Sweet potato poppers with chicken – made with a few simple ingredients and ready in 30 minutes.

Cheesy broccoli quinoa cakes

  Picky eater on your hands? Are they not getting enough veggies or healthy grains? Here’s a recipe that will satisfy even your picky-eaters palettes. Trust us, they are good and then some!

Easy quesadillas

  Would you like to introduce your kids to different flavors of the world? Quesadilla night can be your virtual tour of Mexico! You won't spend more than half an hour in the kitchen, and we guarantee you that the plates will be empty in no time!

Gluten-free pumpkin oat muffins

  No ideas for a rainy afternoon with the kids at home? Turn your kitchen into a bakery! These pumpkin muffins are loaded with oats and chocolate chips. They are gluten free, healthy and delicious!

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