My name is Paula, I’m from Colombia and I’m 25 years old. I studied photography which means that I love art, drawing, and everything that has to do with design. I really like to share my knowledge and learn from others in the same way. That is why I love working with children as they have a great imagination and see things in a different and unique way. I feel that each one of us is from a different world and we can all learn from each other – especially children.  Working as a nanny has allowed me to improve my English and learn new things about this country, such as the culture, food, places, people, etc. I am a responsible, punctual, orderly, honest, and very independent person. I have worked as a nanny for 5 years –  2 years in Colombia, (where I used to work in a school where I acquired many nannying skills), and 3 years since I arrived in the United States. I have great empathy and ease of connecting with children of different ages, through fun games and activities – every day there is something new to learn! I consider myself a healthy person, I really like playing sports and being always active. I love skating, going for a walk and to the gym, and always trying to keep my body moving. I hope to continue to grow and learn with all new experiences. I’m looking forward to meeting all the PDN families!
4 YEARS – 1y to 12y old
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