My name is Asli.

I have been working as a babysitter for 11 years. I have experience working with kindergartners, first graders, and middle school-aged kids including helping them with their homework and taking them to after-school activities. I understand every child is unique – it is very important to me to communicate with the parents clearly whenever there is anything that needs to be improved or if the child needs support.
I have a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and an MFA degree in Media Arts. Child psychology and human psychology are some of my personal interests which I enjoy learning and researching more in my free time.
My carrier took me through various chapters of my life. For a time I had interned for a film producer. One of the short movies I worked on was selected for NY short film festival in 2018.
In my free time, I love running, yoga, scuba diving. I’m also bilingual –  I also speak Turkish.
I try to maintain a healthy and positive outlook every day and on everything I do.

Childcare Experience

Years of experience: 11 years 

Ages: toddlers to school-age kids


CPR Certificate: YES

Contact Information

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