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My name is Asli, and I’m a Media Arts Student at LIU BROOKLYN. I will complete my MFA degree in Production Management in May of 2019. In the meantime I intern for a movie producer since 2016. One of the short films I worked on was selected and screened at NYC Short Film Festival.

I’m also a mom – I raised my step son since he was 6, now he is a big 12 year kid and my pride.

I’m experienced in how to motivate , and encourage kids to do lots of different activities – especially the undesired ones like homework, especially reading, writing and math (my specialty).

In college I took child psychology classes and went above and beyond to get my knowledge in order to understand children’s behavior to help me rase Nicholas, my stepson, but also to help me in my work with children as a childcare provider.

In my free free time – I love movies, art museums, running, scuba diving and snowboarding.

I’ m also bilingual – I speak fluent Turkish and English. 

Childcare Experience

Ages: 5 years, toddlers to school-age

CPR Certificate : yes

Contact Information

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