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Please take this questionnaire seriously - it will have a big impact on our decision to hire you or not. Allow a minimum of 30 minutes to go through all the questions. As we do not require a resume from you - answering the questions to the full extent is even more important.  Goes without saying - use full sentences, proper grammar, and punctuation. We will not accept applications with one-word answers.  
If your application is accepted, you will receive a follow-up correspondence and steps to schedule the virtual interview.

Project Date Night is not a placement agency and we are not certified as such. We do not provide full-time and part-time family matches in the way agencies do. Our main income and budget that allows us to run the business, comes from the memberships paid by our families and a 10% fee from each job/booking paid by our team members. If you are not ok with transferring 10% of your earnings to us - please do not apply to join our team as we would not be a good match for you. If you would like to learn more about how we work and if we are a good match for you - please message us before you apply.
We are sorry but you cannot apply without agreeing to a background check. 


As the COVID vaccine is now readily available to everyone, we do ask our current and potential team members of Project Date Night to get vaccinated s soon as possible. Our families ask for and prefer to work with vaccinated caregivers, as it provides more safety. Most of the parents we work with are vaccinated as well - we do relay this information to our team members. Please let us know below if you are vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated and cannot get a COVID vaccine for medical reasons, let us know below. If you are not planning to get vaccinated due to your beliefs or are not comfortable sharing vaccination information with us - we are sorry but we will not be able to work with you.
Thank you for considering applying with us. Looks like your journey with us ends here.  

Personal Information


If you don't feel comfortable giving us your full address, we need an approximation so we know how your commute to our families will look like.

What schools and courses so far have you attended?

Required Documentation

In this section, we'll ask you for all the necessary documentation.


It can be a picture or a scan of your ID ( passport, driver's license, etc) . (You can send it to us after an in-person interview.)

Upload your valid certificate. We accept certificates issued by Red Cross and American Heart Association, for courses conducted in person. ( Prefferably the CPR course was Adult and Pediatric First Aid, CPR, and AED.)

Please send us a smiley photo of yourself taken outside, in front of greenery, no sunglasses. Please no indoor pics!


Provide us with contact information of your references. Let us know how long were you working for each of the family.

Reference 1

Reference 2

Reference 3

Your Childcare Experience
This is the longest part of our application form. Please take your time to answer each question thoroughly. In this section, we will ask you questions about the length of your experience working as a childcare provider as well as your work ethics, your childcare ideas, preferences, and your own lifestyle.

In what capacity have you worked with children?


What children's age groups do you have experience with?

Tell us about your childcare style.

Personal Preferences