My name is Maria and I’ve been working with kids for almost 17 years. Working as a childcare provider for so many years, helped me grow and learn just as much as the kids I took care of every day. On most days I have just as much fun as they have. On sunny days I like to spend most of our time outside, at the playground or at the park kicking ball, or playing tag. On rainy days we head out to the library or set up play dates. The goal is not to stay home too much and make sure kids have active fun and can get their energy out.

It is truly amazing for me to be able to experience all the firsts with kids I take care of – from first steps to using the potty for the first time, to the first day of school. It is also very important to me to be able to share all that joy with the parents I work for and I do my best to always take pictures and make short videos to share with parents, to make sure they can see their children are having fun with me and grow happy and healthy. I do keep in touch with families I worked for a while ago and it’s amazing to see how “my kids” have grown and changed.

Goes without saying – I truly love working with kids.

I’m also a mum myself –  my kids are all grown up now. I tend to spend my free time , with my own family whenever I can and preferably in an active way.


17 YEARS – newborn to 12y old

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