Team Project Date Night


My name is Lenisha Cadette I am turning 23 this year. St.Vincent and the Grenadines is my country of birth and currently living in Brooklyn.

What I love the most about working as a nanny is being able to help to raise kids and to watch them learn and grow. As a childcare provider, I have experience with children ages from 1y to 11y. As a person, I’m very calm and level-headed which helps especially when my little charges have tantrums. My biggest talents are getting picky eaters to eat (- making foods into fun characters is always a good trick), making potty training come naturally, and getting kids to sleep without much fuss – soft back rubs are my favorite, and they do the trick every time.  

I don’t have children as of yet but I do have 2 nephews that I love and adore and being part of their upbringing is a blessing. I love seeing them becoming their own person right in front of my eyes.  My biggest achievement is getting through the pandemic and remote learning with my nephew, which was beyond challenging. He is still a top student in his class!

I am looking forward to meeting and working with Project Date Night  families 



Childcare Experience 

10 years – ages from 1y to 11 years old

CPR CertificateYES

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