Team Project Date Night

I came to NY as an AuPair in 2008 and lived with an amazing family in Long Island for two years. I love arts and crafts, making jewelry and reading. Currently I am attending school in the evenings which I have been enjoying very much.  I have decided to change careers and have since then been taking the necessary credits to apply to nursing school. I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil where I worked as an English teacher to kids aged 7-15. Some of my hobbies include martial arts but I have had to put on the backburner now to pursue my career goals. I hope to soon go back to my beloved tae kwon do classes. I thoroughly enjoy working with children and I hope to get to work with yours soon as well! 

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Childcare Experience: 

9 years- ages 0.5 to 15 years old

CPR Certificate: YES