My name is Dilan, I’m 26y, and a native of Turkey. I moved to New York from Miami a few months ago and I’m still learning about this city – I love exploring it and finding out what NYC has to offer. So far – it does not disappoint! Exploring and traveling very much aligns with my education – I have a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management from Akdeniz University in Antalya, Turkey. Aside from that, in part thanks to my love of physical activity, I’m also certified as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I previously worked with both adults and kids, so chances are I will give your kiddo a good workout while at the park! ( Happy to give you one too! 😉 )

While working with kids I love to do active play, including games like hide-and-seek, impromptu dance parties, crazy singalongs/karaoke competitions, kicking soccer at the park, playing tag, or chasing bubbles. On rainy days I like to bake cookies with the kids or cook together something healthy but tasty. Also, great activity options are playing with blocks, making paper airplanes, camping in the living room, or making slime. I also always find exercises for kids that they can do indoors, so they can get their energy out!
I’m looking forward to working with you and your kids! 

5 YEARS – Ages newborn to 12y old

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