To request a babysitter with us, you need an active membership.
The sign-up process is simple:

1) Meet with us first – virtually. 
As much as we love meeting with new families in person, due to the COVID pandemic, to keep everyone safe, all interviews are virtual until further notice.
We strive to build and cultivate personal relationships with our families. At the initial virtual introduction, we will discuss our membership options and sign-up process. We will connect with you via the Zoom platform unless you have a different preference. You can schedule your virtual meeting here.

Please don’t signup for membership without previously virtually meeting with us first. If you need childcare coverage last minute – call us! That way we can help faster.

2) Proceed with the registration.
Ater you already met with us (which we do require ), when you are ready, choose the right for your childcare needs membership option.

3) Send us a childcare request.

As a safety precaution, Project Date Night only works with families whose children’s vaccinations are up to date. Please let us know if your child is not vaccinated – whether due to medical reasons or age restrictions – so we can make sure we can accommodate your needs in the safest manner. 

Membership Options

Every membership option includes access to our website’s booking system. Memberships do not include our sitter’s hourly wages – our babysitters are paid for each booking directly by families, via Venmo.

All membership charges are non-refundable. Please contact us if there is an issue with your charge and we will work with you to solve the problem. 


One Time Booking Options 

One Time Booking
3 Childcare Request Bundle
5 Childcare Request Bundle
10 Childcare Request Bundle

Recurring Membership Options

Yearly Unlimited Membership
$300 / Year
Monthly Unlimited Membership
$30 / Month