Project Date Night is happy to offer a new pilot service designed specifically to address weekly food shopping and meal prep. We know how busy life is, especially with little ones at home and being a working parent.  We can take care of your weekly food shopping list and meal prep and hopefully make your life a little less stressful. 

The signup process is simple! It begins with an in-person meeting during which we will discuss what service option might work best for your family. We will also discuss your dietary restrictions and preferences.  After this initial meeting, we will match you with one of our “chefs” and then you can proceed with the online signup – you will need an active monthly or yearly membership with us. 

Our “chefs” are to be paid directly via Venmo after services have been rendered.

Our new service currently  includes two options:
** The time window must begin during the morning hours (between 8am – 4pm), with at least once a week regular schedule.**

1.Weekly Meal Prep – $25/h
This option solely includes our cooking services. The chosen “chef” will prepare a few breakfast, lunch or dinner options within a 4h window. You will be able to choose from our list of dishes we can prepare or you can provide us with a few simple recipes.

2. Weekly Shopping and Meal Prep – $25/h
This option includes food shopping for the week as well as our cooking services. The chosen “chef” will have 6h window; including 2h for shopping and 4h for cooking. Shopping will be done as zero waste as possible (no unnecessary plastic bags, extra packaging, etc.). We will also do our best to purchase organic produce whenever possible. You will be able to choose what you like from our list of dishes we can prepare –a few breakfast and lunch or dinner dishes.

Email us to inquire for more information or to schedule a phone call or a meeting with us. 

Let us know what possible dates and times could work for you.


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